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Knowledge about the product warranty period and maintenance of industrial casters
- 2020-09-23-

1. Product warranty period:

FushengdeIndustrial castersWithin one year from the date of leaving the factory, free repairs are available for quality problems caused by raw materials or workmanship. However, the liability for damage caused by improper use, overload, modification or incorrect installation is excluded. Products that are approved by Fushengde and returned due to quality will be replaced free of charge (shipping and installation costs are at your own expense). The warranty clause is only for Fushengde's products itself, and does not contain other guarantees.

2. Product delivery time and method

General orders can be delivered within 1-2 working days. For large orders, please consult online customer service in advance. We will choose the express or logistics that suits you according to your region. If the order is small and the quantity is small, we give priority to express delivery. If the order is large or heavy, we will choose a logistics company to deliver the goods. If you have special requirements, please specify in advance.

3. Product maintenance

If casters are used for a long time after installation, the mounting screws or nuts may loosen, requiring regular maintenance. According to the work load of the casters, the maintenance period needs to be changed.

The steel ball running part of the industrial caster bracket and the wheel bearing running part should be regularly lubricated. Apply anti-rust paint to the metal brackets of the casters regularly.

Determine whether the caster bracket is overused according to the wear condition. When the rotary joint of the continuous caster becomes loose, it is recommended to replace the entire bracket or the entire continuous caster product. Regularly check the rotation flexibility of the movable bracket of the caster, and check whether there is dust, iron filings, iron wire and other items on the bead track.

4. In case the product is not suitable, how to deal with the return?

In the case of not affecting the use, the return is free for 7 days, and the freight is borne by the customer.

5. According to the different sizes and specifications of industrial caster products, different sizes of carton packaging are used.