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What is the market demand for polyurethane casters? What are the development prospects?
- 2020-09-23-

Every industry will be applied to casters more or less, no matter objects, industrial equipment, office furniture have their shadows, polyurethane casters with good strength and impact resistance are a better choice. Due to its own characteristics, it is widely used in the production of factories or mechanical equipment. In fact, many companies are usingPolyurethane casters, This has a lot to do with the applicability of the caster itself. From the analysis of the characteristics of this type of caster, it is not only fashionable in style, strong in load-bearing capacity, accurate in rotation trajectory, but also shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has strong practicability.

Different equipment requires different casters, so they have a huge market. Casters can also be used in different environments, with optional load width and material; for example, casters may appear in enterprises, workshops, factories and restaurants. Casters can also be designed according to users' requirements for environmental bearing capacity. Industrial casters can also be equipped with industrial needle roller bearings or industrial ball bearings according to customer requirements.

Although polyurethane casters are a humble part, it is closely related to people's daily life and industrial production, and the market prospect is very good. Sales have continued to grow in recent years. The development of the caster industry is a systematic project and requires some support:

First, the market supports:

To survive, caster companies must produce products that meet market needs and continuously obtain customer orders. It is vital to build a sales team and sales network for the global market.

Second, technical support: advanced technology, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents.

Third, talent support: train management talent team, ensure continuous innovation of technology and products, and ensure efficient operation of the enterprise.

Fourth, management support: The management of industries and enterprises should start with strategic decision-making, capital management, logistics management, and talent management.

Grasping market fluctuations is the key to the sustainable development of casters. In the future, Qingdao Fushengde Plastics Co., Ltd. will also actively pay attention to the market direction and customer needs, and strive to make caster products more cost-effective.